2021 Complete Petroleum Tanker Trailer Usage and Buying Guide

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Every country uses petroleum tankers to transport petrol from one destination to another. When there is a need to transporting huge quantities of liquids of gas, a tank trailer is used for the purpose. There are several types of trailers used that depend on the variety in question. When looking at the internal structure of each trailer, that also varies from what is being transported.

Some models are insulated, while others are non-insulated. Some petrol tanker trailers are pressurized while others are not. There are petrol tankers that carry several types of loads at the same time. These have compartments built in them to separate the liquid of gas. Some tankers are designed to carry only one type of petroleum.

petroleum tanker semi trailer


Petrol Tank Trailer Types

To distinguish one tank trailer from another is by looking at the shape of the tank. The load type it carries and the trailer's size also talk about the type of petrol tank trailer it is. Other factors that help distinguish one trailer from another are its refrigeration capability, acid resistance, and pressurization capability.


Application of Petroleum Tank Trailer

The aim of transporting dangerous and flammable liquid safely is through a tank trailer. A petrol tank trailer is used worldwide to transport a large volume of liquid gas, petrol, and benzene. These tanks are also transported cross-country by road. The drivers of these trailer tanks are specially licensed for the purpose.

Transporting dangerous petroleum by road gives a chance for the liquid to fluctuate in every direction. As a result, the center of mass shifts causing the axle load to get out of control. Since all trailer tanks have large capacities, the drivers are experts keeping in mind the changes and making quick driving decisions. The stability of the vehicle changes quickly, which only an experienced operator can control.

A specified petroleum tank trailer serves the purpose of transporting liquid gas safely to its destination. This cannot be transported to any other vehicle. Tank trailers were designed and built for the sole purpose of transporting liquids. And petroleum tanks are safe to transport containers.


The Material of Petroleum Tanker Trailer

Manufacturers who design and make trailers use either carbon steel or stainless steel and aluminum to make petroleum tank trailers. Every material used has its pros and cons, and the choice depends on the purpose of the trailer it will be used for.

Carbon and Stainless Steel

The advantages of making a petrol tank trailer using carbon and stainless steel are:

1. Since steel cannot be damaged easily; it is a strong material to build a tank.

2. Steel can be found easily at a competitive rate in most developing countries.

3. The welding of carbon steel is easy and manageable.

4. As opposed to aluminum, steel cannot be cracked when put under pressure.

5. Stainless steel does not rust, so it is highly durable.

The disadvantages of using carbon steel for trailer tanks are:

1. Carbon steel needs to be galvanized before using it, so the surface does not rust. Another option is to paint the surface to prevent rusting.

2. The density is higher as compared to aluminum alloy.

Aluminium Alloy

The advantages of making a petrol tank trailer using aluminum alloy are:

1. The weight is lighter, making it a popular choice in most heavy load carrying vehicles.

2. An alloy tank trailer can carry a higher load of liquid.

3. The trailers made from this alloy are more secure and safer as opposed to carbon steel.

4. Aluminium does not rust, making it safer for the liquid to stay pure during transport.


The disadvantages of using aluminum alloy to make tank trailers are:

1. The strength is half of the strength of steel, making it prone to cracking under pressure.

2. It is prone to stress cracking which can cause huge losses to the company.

3. When welding aluminum, it takes more energy and effort as compared to carbon steel.

4. It costs more than steel making the tanks very expensive.

5. Although these tanks are light and carry higher loads of liquid petroleum, the strength is still lower, making the transport vulnerable. These are also priced higher than those made of carbon steel.

6. The end use of the trailer will determine the buying decision of the tank trailer. If the buyer is looking for a high-capacity fuel tank trailer at a lower cost, steel is the best option.

7. Even though aluminum is lighter with a low strength, which does not make the fuel tanks weaker than steel ones. The trailers made of aluminum have a larger loading capacity and serves the purpose of transporting oil in bulk and dangerous fuel.


Parts of Petrol Tanker Trailers

Petroleum tank trailers come in different shapes and sizes with a height of gravity ratio of 1:0.79:0.65. The shapes differ from circular to ellipse and rectangular shapes. Larger fuel tankers are usually round rectangular because they need more stability as compared to smaller ones.


The different parts of the tanker trailers are:

Tank Body - Head & Cylinder

The tank trailer body includes a head and a cylinder. The cylinder is designed and made by welding and coiling different steel plates. The stamping process of spinning forms the unibody structure seen in the end. The process of stamping includes partial stamping at a certain temperature. The roundness tolerance has to be less than 3mm, so the cylinder and heads are accurately made.

Manhole Cover

The maintenance hole cover has important components that keep the loading and unloading safely on the trailer.

Breather Valve

The manhole includes a breather valve, the purpose of which is to maintain the pressure inside a tank. The valve maintains the required pressure automatically. A medium-sized tank will have a single breather valve, while larger ones have one valve for each compartment.

Spill-Proof Sensor

The sensor starts an alarm that alerts the operator to stop the trailer or reduce the fuel limit when the height of the petrol reaches higher than the recommended limit.

Oil Line System

This system has several components, including the bottom valve, the fuel outlet valve, and the oil vapor recovery valve.

Bottom Valve

The bottom valve can be found on the tanker's outlet. Also, this safety valve cuts off the pipeline within five seconds in case of a crash. This keeps the people in the vehicle and the cargo safe. The quick cuts of the pipelines prevent any explosions.

Fuel Outlet Valve

The outlet valve helps in quickly unloading the tank while maintaining the pressure inside the tank. In large flows, the pressure does not change, and there is zero leakage when the joint is removed.

Design of Petrol Tanker

Some countries have regulations that provide guidelines about the tanker trailers' design, but the purpose is the same around the world. While the petrol tank functionality does not differ, the design sometimes might, and that does not depend on the manufacturer. All manufacturers make trailers in the same design since they carry heavy loads of liquid or gas petroleum.



The Loading and Unloading of Petroleum Tanker Trailers

The petrol tank trailers can be loaded and unloaded in two ways, either from the bottom or top. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Top Loading

When loading petrol inside a tank, it is highly unsafe, and the risk of explosion is very high. While loading a tank trailer from the top causes gasoline to evaporate and stay within the atmosphere making the air around highly explosive. Although loading the fuel from the top seems like a reasonable idea, it takes more time, and it evaporates, which reduces the total volume of the cargo.

Bottom Loading

Unloading fuel from the bottom of the tank saves time while making the environment for the workers safer. The petroleum stays within the internal circulation, and the unloading speed is quite fast.

Petrol Transport Safety

When transporting petroleum, safety for both the workers and the cargo is of high importance. There are a few accessories present in every tank trailer that allows safe transport. There is a safety valve, an electrostatic eliminating device, and an emergency shutting-off system.

Safety Valve

As soon as the tank's pressure exceeds the set limit, the relief valve opens automatically to allow the gas to escape immediately. This brings the pressure down to the optimum level. The safety valve shuts down soon after, and the danger of over-pressure drops immediately.

Used Petrol Tanker Trailer

When buying a used petrol tanker trailer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Steel tanks are recommended when buying an old one since the durability is higher, and these are available at a lower cost. All the valves should be in working condition, with the spill-proof sensor still in working condition. The safety of petrol tank trailers is the most important thing to look at when buying a used trailer.


How to Buy Petroleum Tank Trailers?

Buying from the best manufacturers is one thing, but buying with an expert is also important. Make sure that when the purchase is about to happen, there is an expert present who knows what petrol tank trailers must include and that these parts are in proper working condition. Additionally, the purpose of the tank trailer should also be kept in mind before making the purchase. This will help in deciding whether to buy a stainless steel tank or an aluminum alloy one.


What are the commonly used tank trailers?

The most commonly used tank trailers are 30KL, 40KL, 45KL.

45,000 liters petrol tank trailer

Transport medium: Petrol, Gasoline, crude oil, lubricants, coal tar, etc.

Tank shape: oval tank, round tank, square round tank.

Features: Single Tire.

Supply Ability: 2000unit/Sets per Month.

45,000 liters petroleum tank trailer

40KL petroleum tanker truck trailer

The 40 KL petrol tank trailer is mainly used to transport gasoline, diesel, petroleum, gasoline, oil, etc. It is mainly used for long-distance transportation. The tank trailer can load 30-60Kl liters.

40KL potrol tank semi truck trailer

30 KL petroleum tank semi trailer

Panda Mech is a petrol tank trailer with a bogie manufacturer from China. We supply 30,000 liters fuel tank trailers for sale. The fuel tank trailer price depends on specifications. We can customize according to your needs.

Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, C?te d'Ivoire, etc...

30 KL fuel tank trailer



If you want to purchase petrol tanker trailer, or have doubts about the petroleum tanker types, then leave message for us. PANDA MECH is your best choice. As a professional manufacturer with decades of production experience, we have provided various production solutions for tens of thousands of users at home and abroad. We can not only help you choose the petroleum tanker trailer that best suits your needs, we can also provide comprehensive after-sales service, whether it is about the operation, repair, and maintenance of the petrol tanker.

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