2021 The Most Complete Fuel Tanker Trailer Buyer Guild

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If you want to safely transport liquids and other sensitive items, fuel tanker must be your best choice. So, do you know how to choose fuel tanker?

And if you are looking for fuel tanker for sale, you must not miss this article?

As the 2021 latest and the most complete fuel tanker buyer guild, you can know what is the fuel tanker, the components of the tank truck, what are the transport items of the fuel tank truck, the main factors affecting the tank truck price, the precautions for buying the tank truck, and the recommendation of the most popular tank truck types , etc.


Part 1. what is the fuel tanker?

Fuel tanker refers to a motor vehicle that transports liquid or gas on the road. Also known as mobile fuel trucks, computer tax-controlled fuel trucks, fuel tank trucks, fuel trucks, fuel trucks, fuel trucks, oil trucks, and edible oil trucks. This type of truck is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil and coal tar). According to different purposes and use environments, there are multiple oil refueling or oil transportation functions, such as oil absorption, pumping, and multiple oil distribution and distribution functions.

what is the fuel tanker?


Part2. Common classification of the fuel tanker

There are many different classifications of fuel trucks according to the transportation medium and configuration.

According to different transportation materials, it can be divided into diesel tanker trailers, gasoline tank trailers, coal tar tank trailers, lubricating fuel tanker semi trailers, edible oil tanker trailer, crude oil tanker trailers, heavy oil tanker trailers, and oil tank trailers.

According to the different appearance, fuel tanker can be divided into flat-head fuel tanker, pointed-head fuel tanker, and full-head fuel tanker.

According to the driving mode, fuel tank truck includes 4×2 fuel tanker truck, 6×2 fuel tanker truck, 6×4 oil tanker truck, 8×2 oil tanker truck, 8×4 oil tanker truck, etc.

According to the load capacity of the tanker, the tanker can be divided into light fuel tanker, small fuel tanker, medium fuel tanker, medium and large fuel tanker, and large fuel tanker.


Part3. Introduction and guide for the main components of the tank trailer

The fuel tank trailer is mainly composed of three main parts such as the chassis, the tank body, and the refueling machine. And we will also look at how to choose a fuel truck from these three aspects.


The choice of tanker trailer chassis mainly depends on the amount of fuel transported and the distance of transport. Generally speaking, if the oil volume is 2-5 tons (the tank volume is about 6000 liters or less), it is recommended to choose a light truck chassis.

Generally speaking, the oil capacity is 5-8 tons (the tank volume is about 6000-10000 liters). If you are refueling at multiple construction sites or taking into account oil transportation operations, you can choose a large and light truck chassis.

Generally speaking, the fuel capacity is 10-22 tons (the tank volume is about 12000-25000 liters). For medium and long distance transportation of fuel to gas stations, medium and heavy truck chassis can be selected.

Generally speaking, for large heavy-duty tank trucks with fuel capacity of more than 28 tons and long-distance transportation, the tank capacity is 30,000-60,000 liters., it is generally recommended to choose heavy-duty truck chassis or tractor head semi-trailer.


The material of the tank body of the oil tanker can be selected from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. The thickness of the tank body depends on the transported medium and the volume of the tank body. These are not our considerations, and the general special vehicle manufacturers will follow Design based on customer needs.

The problem of tank separation depends on whether you need to transport different fuels at the same time. For example, sometimes a tanker trailer needs to transport gasoline and diesel at the same time, and you need to separate one for diesel and one for gasoline; and to transport different foods. It also needs to be divided into silos when oil.

Fuel dispenser:

According to the personnel of the special-purpose vehicle manufacturer, the quality of the fuel dispensers is not bad. Some well-known manufacturers on the market have good quality fuel dispensers.

Subsea valve

The submarine valve is also called the emergency shut-off valve and is installed at the bottom of the tank. It can replace traditional top-loading refueling for bottom-loading refueling, making the operation easier, time-saving, safe and environmentally friendly for the staff. Various broken grooves are designed on the valve body.

In the event of an accident in the tanker, the cut-off groove is disconnected, and the under-vehicle pipeline is cut off from the tank body without affecting the tank body’s sealing, effectively preventing the oil leakage in the tank and ensuring Oil tank safety.

Breathing valve

When the breathing valve is dumped 70o, the sealing ball in the valve dumps to form an effective seal to prevent oil leakage.

Use of oil gauge:

Installed at the preparation port on the manhole cover, a dipstick or level gauge can be installed.

Safety valve

It is specially designed for oil tanks, chemical tanks and other tank products. Different opening pressures can be set according to user needs to meet different needs. The main body is made of integral stainless steel precision casting, corrosion resistance, high sealing, suitable for various environments.

Note: Finally, remind everyone that tank trucks are generally equipped with oil pipelines, fire extinguishers, breathing valves, anti-static tape and other accessories. Because we should pay attention to checking whether the accessories are complete when we pick up the fuel truck. In addition, procedures such as chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, vehicle purchase invoice, tank report, etc. are also indispensable.


Part4. 4 tips for buying fuel tanker

Firstly, the choice of the manufacturer

Before purchasing a fuel tank trailer, the user first chooses a strong manufacturer of famous brand tank trucks. Reliable manufacturers can not only provide high-quality products, but also provide comprehensive after-sales service guarantee.

Secondly, the performance of the oil tanker trailer

1. From the evaluation of quality, power, economy, fuel consumption, service convenience, accessories, and other factors, choose the right chassis according to your actual use and operation.

2. The transportation quantity is selected according to your own needs, and under the premise of safety, high efficiency, economic safety and easy operation.

3. Based on their type and oil transportation volume, the rational position is realized. You can choose special pumps, flow meters, computerized tax tankers, and gravity valves. Can do all kinds of oil, all kinds of labels, and all kinds of transportation. Effectively meet the diversified oil, but also save transportation costs.

Thirdly, signing the contract

After a series of requirements, to determine their own use, sign a purchase and sale contract, sign a product purchase and sale contract, and clearly write down the detailed requirements and configuration. After the contract is signed, the manufacturer is required to organize production strictly according to the contract, and the production is completed and put into storage. Contract car inspection payment.

Finnally, trailer inspection

In accordance with the requirements of the contract, the appearance, performance, inspection, inventory control, vehicle configuration, vehicle inventory tools, manuals, and card acceptance procedures of the vehicle are required to be paid in full after the acceptance is passed.

Note: Both buyers and sellers must carefully negotiate relevant matters (including the improvement of some personalized needs of the vehicle within the scope of the national standard), and have a paper agreement. Carry out a comprehensive inspection and acceptance of the car to prevent unnecessary disputes during the production process or after the car is picked up.


Part5. Best-selling fuel tanker recommended

1. 45000 Liters fuel tank trailer for sale

The fuel tank trailer has a capacity of 30000-60000 liters, which is generally used for long-distance transportation, transporting liquid substances to all over the world, so as to realize the reasonable distribution and use of resources.

45000 Liters fuel tank trailer for sale

2. 3 Axle 30000 liters tanker trailer

The fuel tank trailer is mainly used to transport gasoline, diesel, petroleum, gasoline, oil, etc. It is mainly used for long-distance transportation. The tank trailer can load 30-60Kl liters.

3 Axle 30000 liters tanker trailer

3. 38000 Liters fuel tanker with generator

Fuel tank trailer is mainly used to transport diesel, petroleum, oil, petrol, etc. It is generally used for long-distance transportation, mainly used in gas stations, factories and other places.

38000 Liters tanker with generator

4. 40 KL fuel tank trailer with bogie

Fuel tank trailer with bogie is mainly used to transport diesel, petroleum, oil, petrol, etc. It is generally used for long-distance transportation, mainly used in gas stations, factories and other places.

40 KL fuel tank trailer with bogie

5. 42000L fuel tank trailer for sale

Fuel tanker as known as fuel tank trailer, fuel tanker trailer. Fuel tank trailer is mainly used to transport diesel, petroleum, oil, petrol, etc. It is generally used for long-distance transportation, mainly used in gas stations, factories and other places.

42000L fuel tank trailer



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