How to maintain the flatbedsemi trailer in summer?

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Update time : 2022-04-11 15:32:55

How should I clean the body of the rail flatbed semi trailer in summer? Summer to drive a flatbed semi trailer driver friends, is a painful season, both to endure strong strong ultraviolet rays and high temperature under the steamer baking, but also to face the sudden storm, summer is also a rainy season, so something to wash the car is also more critical. Flatbed semi trailer is often washed by rain, it is easy to get dirty, trailer cleaning is particularly important.

One step: Flatbed semi trailer body cleaning

We use leather, cloth, carpet, vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner, plastic products, dipped in a synthetic detergent solution for car washing on a rag, slowly scrub the flatbed semi trailer body, with a cloth dipped in water carefully wipe, avoid direct sunlight, in a ventilated place to dry the car.

Step 2: Clean the bumper

1. Scrub with a sponge or soft cloth. Usually using waxes and brushes rich in abrasives to clean the body will damage the exterior of the body. The body should be scrubbed with alcohol if it is contaminated by brake fluid, oil, lubricant, electrolyte, etc.

Step 3: Ways to clean the vehicle

1. Pour water from the upper part of the vehicle and wipe off the stains with a sponge. In the face of stains that cannot be cleaned with water, neutral scrubbers are usually used.

2. Clean the lower part of the vehicle. When cleaning the lower part of the vehicle, please put on rubber gloves to prevent your hands from scratching or getting dirty.

3. Scrub the moisture carefully with a soft cloth. When using neutral detergent, wipe the exterior of the body to prevent leaving detergent on the paint surface. Using water to clean the engine may cause problems with the wiring around the engine and affect the normal use of the vehicle. When the vehicle encounters contamination, if it makes the body corrosion or discoloration. Clean the contaminated area immediately. After cleaning the vehicle, test the vehicle's travel brake function by slowly pressing the brake pedal to see if the brakes can be affected by the water.

Step 4: Waxing

Polish the body at least 1~2 times a month. Clean the body of dust and water stains before waxing. 1. Stick the wax onto a soft cloth, apply it evenly on the body and polish it in one direction. Do not use wax rich in abrasives, otherwise it will reduce the finish of the paint surface. 2. After drying slightly, dry it slowly with a soft cloth.

Step 5: Cleaning of Aluminum Wheels When cleaning aluminum wheels, the following details should be noted.

1. Use neutral detergent and scrub clean quickly after cleaning.

2. Aluminum wheels are simple to damage, so do not use iron brushes and other hard objects to clean.

3. Do not use high-pressure steam cleaning machine cleaning.

4. When cleaning aluminum wheels, it is strictly prohibited to use acidic agents, otherwise it will corrode the wheel paint layer.

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