What is a skeletal trailer?

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The skeletal trailer as knows as a skeleton trailer, semiskel trailer. Skeletal trailer is used for transport ISO tank, ISO container, refrigerated container. The container transport trailer is one kind of skeletal trailer and one is platform trailer.



Skeletal trailer is welded by a longitudinal beam, cross beam, and front and rear beams. The dimensions are 450, 500), the beam is stamped into a groove shape using high-quality steel, and the front and rear beams are welded rectangular sections.

An integral long beam is provided at the intermediate container locking device to improve the bearing capacity of the container locking device.

20ft skeletal trailer


Difference between the skeletal trailer and flatbed trailer 

The difference between a flatbed trailer and a skeleton trailer is that the flatbed trailer adds a frame and a patterned floor. The entire frame is assembled and welded on a dedicated positioning platform, which has a reasonable structure, high strength, and beautiful appearance.

A container tightening device is set on the frame, which can load two standard containers of 40 feet and 20 feet. The four container tightening devices at the front and rear are fixed structures, and the middle container tightening device is a concealable structure.

skeletal trailer


Loading containers

When loading containers, the intermediate container locking device can be lowered below the level of the cargo table as required. The mechanical bearing device is selected, mainly including factory-equipped axles 12t, 20t; Fuhua 13t; Jost; and other types.

Its function is to support the ground when the traction device is disconnected from the trailer and to bear the front load of the semi-trailer.

There are two types of supporting devices: single-acting and linkage-acting, which are mainly composed of supporting discs, screw drive mechanisms, speed reducers, and operating handles.



There are two types of suspension devices: mechanical suspension and air suspension. Air suspension is mainly used in places with poor road conditions, which is relatively expensive.


Base fender

Anti-shake, anti-corrosion, anti-bump.

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