What is bulk cement trailer?

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What is a bulk cement trailer?

Bulk cement trailer as known as cement trailer, cement tanker, pneumatic trailer. Generally used to transport cement, flour, lime powder, mineral powder, fly ash and other bulk cargoes of some powder materials with a diameter of ≤0.01mm.

Bulk cement trailers are generally widely used in large construction sites, cement plants, and warehouses. The bulk cement trailer generally uses an air compressor to ensure that the powder comes out of the tank.


The basic structure of cement tanker

1. Running system

2. Power system: Engine: The engine set provides power to the air compressor; power take-off: the main function is to take out the engine power and transmit it to the air compressor through the transmission shaft.

3. Air compressor

4. Air pipes: Including air intake, air distribution, pressure relief, secondary blowing, etc.

5. Tank: the sealed container for loading materials.

6. Loading and unloading device: the loading tank can be connected with the storage tower pipeline, which is controlled by a butterfly valve and is used for conveying materials.


The three major structures of the powder material transporter

The powdered material transporter cement bulker trailer has the characteristics of novel design, reasonableness, sturdiness and durability, which effectively shortens the discharge time and improves the volumetric utilization of the tank. Today, the powdered material transportation semi-trailer manufacturers will introduce the three structural features of the powdered material transporter concretely. We look forward to your attention. cement bulker transporters

The three major structures of the powder material transporter

1. Frames and traction pins: The powder material transport bulker cement semi-trailer adopts the space frame type low-alloy steel welding structure, and the traction pins adopt the assembly type, which supports better load performance and is convenient for replacement of the traction pins.

2. the suspension system: three-axis leaf spring suspension, cement bulker transporters the parking brake is controlled by the energy spring brake system, wheel brakes also serve as a parking brake, can play a load, absorb the vibration of the vehicle.

3. The electrical system: powder material transport semi-trailer frame crossbars have electrical connector sockets, frame rear brake lights, turn signals, fog lights, triangular reflectors, front and both sides with the front position lights And width lights, sidelights, etc.

The knowledge of the three major cement bulker transporters structures of the powdered material transporter is here for you to introduce. If you need powder and granular materials to transport semi-trailers and other products, welcome to our company for consultation and purchase. We look forward to cooperating with you.


What is the cement trailer mainly used for?

The cement trailer is used for the bulk transportation of dry powder. During the bulk transportation of powder, from leaving the factory, transportation on the road, storage, and until using, the dry powder does not need to pack with paper bags.

The dry powder will be transported by special trucks, trains, ships, containers and any other special vehicles. This mode of transportation has won the favor of many countries for its remarkable social and economic reputation.


How many cement packets can a cement trailer carry?

The capacity of the cement trailer is determined according to the size of the tank. The cement trailer capacity of panda mech is 35 40 45 50 55 60...120 ton, and the weight of a pack of cement is about 50KG. If you count this, the cement trailer can carry 700-2400 packs of cement.


Why are bulk cement carrier trailers v-shaped?

This is because it is convenient for the powder inside to flow. Here we must know, how does the pneumatic trailer work, bulk cement carrier trailer uses an air compressor to compress the air and then transport it to the tank. When the pressure value in the tank reaches 0.2mpa, Proceed to unload the powder.

The V-shaped cement carrier trailer can unload the powder in the lower position in the middle first, and the powder on both sides of the tank will gradually flow to the middle due to gravity, and then unload out through the pipeline from the middle, so the bulk cement carrier trailer is v-shaped.

 bulk cement carrier trailers v-shaped


How to use cement bulker safely?

1. If the cement bulker has not been used for a long time, when restarting, the air compressor should be started first and blow 2-3 times. After the experiment is correct, make a record and then load the cement.

2. It is strictly forbidden to open the inlet cover when there is the air pressure in the tank. The air release valve must be opened first. The pressure indication value is zero to confirm. Only when there is no air released from the air outlet pipe, the inlet cover can be opened.

3. When unloading the cement to a common warehouse on the ground (there is no joint), the pressure needs to be slightly lower when opening the discharge valve.

4. The use of brakes is strictly prohibited to increase the loading capacity.

5. When loading, the feeding port should be equipped with a filter to prevent agglomerated cement, paper bags, cotton yarn, etc. from entering the tank, which may bring difficulties to unloading.

6. Check the air compressor frequently in case there is any leakage of lubricating oil. It should be replenished in time to avoid damage to the compressor.

cement trailer

7. When unloading the cement, the operator should pay attention to the pressure gauge. It should be no higher than the specified value (0.2mpa).

8. When unloading, unrelated people are forbidden to stand around the cement bulker.

9. The pipes and fittings should be jointed well.

How to load and unload the cement trailer?


How to maintain the cement trailer?

1. Running system: according to the axle and car chassis instruction manual.

2. Air compressor: according to the instructions of the air compressor.

3. Power take-off: check the lubrication and operating conditions regularly. If there is abnormal sound, identify the cause and eliminate it in time. The gear meshing and wear should be checked once a year. Over speed, driving is forbidden.

cement trailer

4. Airline: check the sealing condition frequently. If it leaks, repair or changes it in time; check the working condition of each valve frequently and repair or dismantle it if it fails; the safety valve is guaranteed to open at a pressure of 0.2Mpa and the pressure inside the tank can not be higher than 0.2Mpa.

5. Tank body: Check the tank body for leakage. If it is found, weld it in time.

6. Air cell of the tank: Check the air canvas frequently. If it is damp, airtight or damaged, replace it in time. Check whether the bead is compacted. If there is air leakage, it will affect the discharge effect and should be removed in time.


Precautions for purchasing cement trailer

When customers purchase powdered material transport vehicles, they have a certain understanding of the knowledge of such transport vehicles, but they are not comprehensive. It is easy to see high-priced products but no good quality products. Welcome everyone to pay attention to the precautions described below for purchasing powdered material carriers, and learn how to choose the powder material transportation semi-trailer. cement transport vehicle.

First, when purchasing semi-trailers for transportation of powdered materials, we must not only pay attention to prices but must pay attention to quality.

Two. Observe whether the body of the semi-trailer for the transport of the powdered or granular materials is intact and whether the vehicle is modified or not.

Third, according to their own cargo transportation needs to choose the appropriate semi-trailer models and machine models.

Fourth, when buying a semi-trailer, you must select a large, regular cement transport vehicle manufacturer, and ask for a detailed invoice in order to avoid maintenance problems.

To sum up, it is necessary to take all-around consideration when purchasing a cement bulker for the transportation of powdery materials. If you are in need of semi-trailer products, you are welcome to choose our company. We can provide a price consulting service and a large quantity of you.

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