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What is a low bed trailer?

Low bed trailer meaning

low bed trailer as known as lowboy trailer, lowbed trailer, low bed lorry, lowboy truck. There are generally used to transport construction machinery and large equipment. Generally, many places are limited, especially on some bridges. The use of flatbed trailers cannot be transported, so people use low bed trailer for transportation.


3/4 Axle low bed trailer images

3 axle low bed trailer
3 axle low bed trailer

low bed trailer
4 axle lowboy trailer for sale


Lowbed trailer specs

Low bed trailer brands

–  Panda Mech

Low bed trailer loading capacity: 20-120 ton

–  2 axle low bed trailer capacity: 20-40 ton

–  3 axle low bed trailer capacity: 40-70 ton

–  4 axle low bed trailer loading capacity: 70-90 ton

Lowbed trailer dimensions

–  2 axle lowbed trailer truck dimensions: 13000x3000x1750/1250 mm

–  3 axle low bed trailer measurements: 13500x3000x1700/1250 mm

–  3 axle low bed trailer standard size: 14000x3000x1750/1250 mm

Low bed trailer weight

–  2 axle low bed trailer: 9-11 ton

–  3 axle lowboy trailer weight: 10-12 ton

–  4 axle low bed trailer: 11-13 ton

–  lowboy trailer 5 axle: 12-14 ton

–  8 axle lowbed trailers: 16-18 ton

Low bed trailer width

–  3000mm, 3meter, Most used

low bed trailer maximum length

–  16000 mm

low bed trailer height from ground: 850-1250 mm

–  low bed trailer max-height: 1750 mm

Semi low bed trailer length

–  850-1250 mm, customize to your needs.

–  low bed trailer maximum height: 1250 mm, 1.25 meter

Low bed trailer wheels

–  2 axle: 2x4+1

–  3 axle: 3x4+1

–  4 axle: 4x4+1

–  6 axle low bed trailer: 6x4+1

Low bed trailer axle

–  BPW, FUWA, 2-10 axles

Low bed trailer suspension

–  Mechanical suspension/air suspension

Low bed trailer tires

–  235/70 R 17.5

–  245/70 R 17.5

–  295/60 R 22.5

–  11 R 22.5

–  12 R 22.5

–  315/80 R 22.5

Low bed trailer parts names

–  Low bed trailer ramps, hydraulic pump, low bed trailer valve, booster, brake shoes, brake drums, outriggers, suspension,landing gear, tries, lights, 

Low bed trailer types

–  Removable gooseneck low bed trailers, low bed gooseneck trailer, extendable lowboy trailer, neck low bed trailer, step low bed trailer, low bed trailer with hydraulic ramps, special low bed trailer(customize).


Low bed trailer manufacturers

Panda Mech is a lowbed trailer manufacturer from China. We have extensive experience in semi-trailer manufacturing. We offer a variety of low bed trailer for sale. We can customize according to your needs. We have achieved success in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya...

We supply 50 ton 60 ton 100 ton 150 ton, 2 axle 3 axle 4 axle low bed trailer for sale.

low bed trailer for sale

2 axle lowbed trailers cost: $13,800-17,800

3 axle truck with lowboy trailer for sale: $15,800-19,800

4 axle low bed trailer charges: $18,800-22,800

5-10 axle low bed trailer price: Contact us for a quote.

low loader gooseneck trailer for sale: Contact us for a quote.

Special low bed trailer for sale: Contact us for a quote.

lowbed truck trailer for sale


FAQ about lowbed trailer


How low is a lowboy trailer?

The lowboy trailer low height: 800mm.


How high off the ground is a lowboy trailer?

The lowboy trailer off the ground 750-1250 mm.


What is the height of a drop deck trailer?

The height of the drop deck trailer: 750-1250 mm.


low bed trailer loading

In general, the Low Loader Lorry is loaded from the rear side. The main difference between the movable gooseneck Low Loader Lorry and the ordinary Low Loader Lorry is that the movable gooseneck Low Loader Lorry loads equipment or cargo from the front.

Ideally, the movable gooseneck Low Loader Lorry is complex to operate, but the equipment/goods are easily driven on the truck. The equipment is safer and more stable during loading, transportation, and unloading.


Different type of low bed trailer

Removable gooseneck: RGN trailer

The detachable gooseneck is also called the gooseneck low-waist trailer. The overall frame is stepped, and the load-bearing part is located behind the gooseneck, which reduces the main plane of the cargo platform, which makes it easier to transport and load and unload cargo.

Removable gooseneck: RGN trailer

The detachable gooseneck design can prevent the trailer from overturning when transporting heavy equipment, ensuring the safety of the vehicle and the driver to a certain extent.

Removable gooseneck is a widely used low bed trailer. Hydraulic RGN is a more commonly used lowboy trailer. Generally speaking, the trailer uses hydraulic cylinders to control the gooseneck.


Ordinary lowbed trailer

The lowboy trailer is used to transport ordinary heavy goods. Compared with the flatbed trailer, it has a lower loading platform, but compared to other types of lowbed trailers, its transportation height is relatively low.

Generally standard 2axle lowbed trailer can be used to transport up to 40,000 pounds of goods, but we can increase the load capacity by adding axles. The load capacity of the lowboy trailer depends on the model of the trailer.

Ordinary lowbed trailer

Of course, it is recommended that you contact the business before purchasing The manager communicates that some factories can produce low bed trucks with higher strength and higher load. You can customize them according to the goods you need to transport.


Lowbed trailer of concave beam type;

This type of lowbed trailer is generally used to transport large equipment and ultra-high equipment, and its bearing plane is very low.

Lowbed trailer of concave beam type


Transport over-long cargo low bed trailer

This kind of trailer is mainly used to transport long cargo, wind blades and other cargo.

Transport over-long cargo low bed trailer


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