A Double Drop Side Semi Trailer

PANDA MECH is a double drop side semi trailer manufacturer from China. We offer a double drop side semi trailer for sale. We also can customize to your needs.
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A double drop side semi-trailer is essentially a standard tractor-trailer with an additional trailer attached. Double trailer trucks are often used when traveling long distances or when larger amounts of cargo must be delivered from one place to another.

Panda Mech manufacturer supplies a double drop side semi trailer for sale. According to clients' requirements, we can design different types of A double drop side trailer to meet the transport of various special goods.


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a double drop side semi trailer

a double drop side trailer

a double drop side semi trailer


A double drop side trailer specifications

 Manufacturer  Panda Mech a double drop side
 Dimensions(L*W*H)  13300/12500*2500*1550mm
 Main beam  Q345Steel; The height of the beam is 500mm; Upper plate;14mm; Middle plate is 8mm; Down plate is 16mm.
 Crossbeam  10# channel steel
 Side beam  16# channel steel
 King Pin  2” or 3.5” traction pin
 Floor  3mm diamond steel plate
 Sidewall  1.5m steel plate 600mm height
 Suspension  Spring or air suspension
 Steel Spring  10/10/10
 Axle  3 axle Fuwa Brand
 Wheel Rim  9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim
 Tire  Spe:12R22.5; Number of Tire:12 pieces
 Brake Chamber  6 big chamber (optional WEBCO)
 Brake Valve  KTL Brand/WEBCO
 Brake system  Dual Line Brake system
 Toolbox  1 set standard tool box
 Light  Tail lamp with turn signal, brake light & reflector, side lamp, etc.
 Painting  1 coat of anticorrosive prime, twice coats of final paint.
 Spare Tire Carriers  2 pieces
 Leading gear  28T Manual operating, Heavy duty landing gear
 Tare Weight  7300Kg
 Loading Capacity  70T
 Axle weight load  13T



A double drop side semi trailer is generally used to transport bulk cargo. It is mainly used for long-distance transportation. Generally, the sidewall trailer can transport 30-80 tons.

If it is a large amount of transportation or different needs, we can customize it, or platform trailer some deformed vehicles.



  • Highly robust structure steel with tensile and high load capacity, 60-ton loading capacity.
  • 800mm side walls are standard, 600mm side walls is an option.
  • Heavy-duty type mechanical spring suspension for high loads of requirements needs.
  • Length and width of lowbed available custom made.


A double drop side semi trailers for sale

We are an a-double drop side trailer manufacturer from China. We supply 3 Axle a double drop side semi trailers for sale. We can customize according to your needs. The a double drop side trailer price depends on specifications.

PANDA engineering team will be ready to provide you with a set of well-integrated solutions that meets your transportation needs and also your local regulations. The PANDA engineering team can communicate with you online to fully understand your needs, the solutions include the product design, product material, product drawings, product videos.

Panda Mech manufacturers have been successful in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, such as the Philippines, Tanzania, etc....  More about panda

A double drop side semi trailer for sale

A double sidewall semi trailer design

1. The design process of the model and fence structure combines with the user's cargo category, reasonable design, fully compensates the weight of the car when the load is satisfied, the structure is simple and applicable, the disassembly is convenient, and the investment cost is reduced for the user to create more profit value.

2. Frame: The space frame structure is formed by welding the longitudinal beam and the integral penetrating beam. It can balance the strength, rigidity, and toughness of the frame, and has a strong bearing capacity without permanent deformation.

3. The series of warehouse-type semi-trailers are all beam-type structures, and the longitudinal beams are straight or gooseneck. The web height is from 400 to 500, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot blasting, the beam is inserted into the stringer and welded.

4. Suspension system: It adopts a new suspension system with high strength and strong impact resistance; the load balance of each shaft is balanced, and the system tie rod angle is rationally designed to reduce the frictional slip distance between the tire and the ground during the frequent jolting process. It can effectively reduce the tire wear, and at the same time, the adjustable lever can adjust the wheelbase, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of the tire's partial wear and the wheel.