45000 Liters Fuel Tank Trailer For Sale

Transport medium:
Petrol,Gasoline, crude oil, lubricants, coal tar, etc.
Tank shape:
oval tank, round tank, square round tank.
Single Tire
Supply Ability:
2000unit/Sets per Month
Description Related

What is a fuel tank trailer?

The fuel tanker is divided into two parts, the fuel tank part and the skeleton or driving part that supports the tank body.

The rear of the Fuel tank trailer is roughly the same, there are two rear axles (two axles) and three rear axles (three axles). Choose the tractor according to your needs. Semi-trailer tanker is usually called by the brand of tractor

Fuel tanker is mainly used to transport diesel, petroleum, oil, petrol, etc. It is generally used for long-distance transportation, mainly used in gas stations, factories and other places.


The most commonly used fuel tanker images

45000 liters fuel tanker

45000 liters fuel tank trailer

45000 liters oil tank trailer


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45000 Liters fuel tanker specification

 Manufacturer  PANDA mech fuel tanker trailer
 Item  45000 liters fuel tanker
 Fuel Tanker  dimension  11500*2500*3500 (Reference, customized according to needs)
 Fuel Tanker capacity  45 KL 45,000liters, 11888 gallons.
 Compartment  2-10
 Payload  39-41T (Reference)
 Fuel Tank trailer weight  10.6T
 Material  Iron Steel, Stainless Steel
 Chassis  High Strength Steel
 Valve  Civacon, EMCO, HELI, JLME, HENGE
 Axle  2/3/4 axle; BPW, FUWA, L1, HO'S, SAF, PDME
 Suspension  Air suspension, Mechanical, Bogie
 Brake system  Dual Line brake system, T30/30 Chamber, Wabco emergency valve, ABS/EBS optional
 Fuel Tanker Trailer  Parts  Mudguard, Ladder, 1 standard toolbox, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, 2 coats of final paint, Polyurethane paint, Landing gear, 9.0-22.5 steel wheel rim, Fire extinguisher, 4-inch Pneumatic bottom valve, 500mm Aluminum alloy manhole cover, Q345/6mm steel sheet, conforming ADR (According to customer needs)
 Application  Fuel, Oil, Crude Oil, Diesel, Petrol, Petroleum, Gasoline
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Fuel tank trailer is generally used to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel, vegetable oil, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar and non-petroleum products such as alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, ether and other liquid substances.

The fuel tank trailer has a capacity of 30000-60000 liters, which is generally used for long-distance transportation, transporting liquid substances to all over the world, so as to realize the reasonable distribution and use of resources.


Why we had to choose the panda fuel tanker trailer?

1. 3D Drawing and HyperMesh & Ansys 

Fully utilize physical property, support higher performance, reducing operating cost

2. ADR standard API Adaptor

Crucial to any API bottom loading system, match 3" or 4" couplers

3. API Sockets Optic

Support bottom loading system

4. ADR standard Manhole with vapor vent

16" or 20", Aluminum material for a longer lifetime

5. More safety by 7%Lower center gravity Gooseneck design

6. 12% Larger volume by semi-elliptical section barrel design

7. 10 year Long service life by tanker automatic arc welding


Sea transportation of fuel tanker trailer

In order to prevent the paint of the fuel tanker truck trailer from being corroded by seawater, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the fuel tanker triailer before transportation.


Why you can choose Panda?

Panda offers 100+ fuel tanker trailer products. About 95% of these are general industrial equipment.

A wide variety of oil tanker trailer options are available to you, such as paid samples.

Tanker trailer vehicle supplier has exported to 100+ countries,

Tanker trailers are most popular in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. You can pass the ISO9001 certificate to ensure the quality of the oil tank trailer.


Understanding Panda Mech

Panda Mechanical Co., Ltd approved by the ministry of industry and information technology of China to produce kinds of a semitrailer and commercial vehicles.

Panda Mech has first-class manufacturing machines and kinds of testing equipment, introduce international advanced technology and research with famous truck manufacture to improve design strength. Each vehicle produced by skillful and experienced workers, pass 120 item QC inspections, supply perfect products to the world. More...

Single Tire Fuel Tanker Trailer in the early days, due to poor tire bearing performance and poor safety, engineers had to adapt the design of rear twins to solve the bearing problems and reduce safety accidents.

Due to cost reasons and the difficulty of updating the existing rear axle technology, as well as the consumption habits of some consumers, the rear axle has been used as a twin-tire design.

However, today's tires have achieved a sufficiently high standard of safety, and tire pressure can be maintained in a short time even if the tires are tied.

And the rear axle single tire design has better performance in terms of bearing performance, comfort, and safety.


Dimension of 45kl fuel tanker trailer

Dimension of Panda 40kl fuel tanker trailer