50 Ton Step Lowboy Trailer

Panda is step lowboy trailer manufacturer from China. We supply step lowboy trailers for sale, step lowboy trailer capacity, specification, size, height...
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Step lowboy trailers are generally used to transport construction machinery and large equipment. Generally, many places are limited, especially on some bridges. The use of flatbed trailers cannot be transported, so people use a Modular trailer for transportation.


Step lowboy trailer images

Step lowboy trailer


Step lowboy trailer specification

Step lowboy trailers brands

–  Panda Mech

Step lowboy trailer loading capacity: 20-120 ton

–  2 axle Modular Trailer capacity: 20-40 ton

–  3 axle Modular Trailer capacity: 40-70 ton

–  4 axle Modular Trailer loading capacity: 70-90 ton

Step lowboy trailer size

–  2 axle Modular Trailer dimensions: 13000x3000x1750/1250 mm

Step lowboy trailer weight

–  2 axle Modular Trailer: 9-11 ton

–  3 axle Modular Trailer: 10-12 ton

–  4 axle Modular Trailer: 11-13 ton

Step lowboy trailer width

–  3000mm, 3meter, Most used

Step lowboy trailer height from ground

–  1250mm

Height of step lowboy trailer: 850-1250 mm

–  Modular Trailer max-height: 1750 mm

Step lowboy trailer length

–  850-1250 mm, customize to your needs.

–  Modular Trailer maximum height: 1250 mm, 1.25 meter

Step lowboy trailer wheels

–  2 axle: 2x4+1

–  3 axle: 3x4+1

–  4 axle: 4x4+1

Step lowboy trailer valve


Step lowboy trailer suspension

–  Mechanical suspension/ air suspension

Step lowboy trailer tires

–  235/70 R 17.5

–  245/70 R 17.5

–  295/60 R 22.5

–  11 R 22.5

–  12 R 22.5

–  315/80 R 22.5

Step lowboy trailer parts/accessories

–  Hydraulic ramps, hydraulic pump, Low Bed Semi Trailer valve, booster, brake shoes, brake drums, outriggers, suspension´╝îlanding gear, tries, lights, 

Step lowboy trailer types

–  Removable gooseneck lowbed trailers, gooseneck lowbed trailers, step Low Bed Semi Trailer, Low Bed Semi Trailer with hydraulic ramps, special Low Bed Semi Trailer(customize).

Modular trailer images

Modular trailer

Modular trailer for sale

Modular trailer manufacturer


Modular trailer manufacturers

Panda Mech is a manufacturer of a modular trailer from China. We have extensive experience in semi-trailer manufacturing. We offer a variety of low bed semi trailer for sale. We can customize according to your needs. We have achieved success in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya...


Modular trailer for sale

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